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Industry Veterans Launch New Specialty Insurance Group (SIG)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN – June 30, 2014 – Specialty Insurance Group (SIG) has been launched by three specialty and risk insurance veterans.  Greg Mosher, David Harris and Lowery Robinson form a highly experienced group of insurance professionals with the ability to provide unique custom programs for the ever-changing needs of the dynamic markets of sports, leisure and entertainment.

The SIG team brings an exceptional blend of experience with an extensive product portfolio to the challenging environment of sports leisure and entertainment.  From traditional sports to emerging markets such as Tough Mudder, SIG can develop comprehensive programs that address the specific demands for coverage unheard of in recent memory.  

“When we decided to go ahead with the new company (SIG), we felt that because there is so much change in the sports, leisure and entertainment markets and no one was addressing the rapidly changing environment, we were the thought leaders to fill the void,” stated Greg Mosher, SIG Managing Director.  “SIG distribution will be driven by strategic alliances with our broker partners in target markets.”

 “With our years of experience and historical perspective, we feel that we can make a difference,” commented David Harris, SIG Senior Vice President.  “It may sound corny, but this is our opportunity to do something significant and meaningful; no one else is taking the steps to further specialty insurance the way we are, and plan to do in the future.”  

SIG is also broader in its product offerings than traditional risk insurance companies.  “We can develop programs that range from simple Hole-In-One coverage to complex prize indemnity to event cancellation, including comprehensive programs for amateur or professional sports teams, leagues, stadiums and major entertainment venues,” said Lowery Robinson, SIG Vice President.  “We are always ready for a client’s challenge with a unique and creative solution.”

Specialty Insurance Group (SIG) is a member company of Everest Re Group, Ltd. who provide excellent financial support and rating strength to its members, including Everest National Insurance Company (rated A+, XV by A.M. Best) and Everest Indemnity.




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